New generation bonded anchor R-KEM II approved for 15 substrates

Rawlplug® has been a leading brand in the manufacture and promotion of fixing products around the world since its foundation in 1919, and, not surprisingly, the company is second to none in the industry when it comes to development of mechanical and bonded anchors.

Recent advances in bonded anchor technology have led Rawlplug® to develop the improved formula known as R-KEM II, a multipurpose polyester styrene free resin approved for 15 substrates that represents a solution for the most difficult anchoring challenges – overhead applications and installation in hollow structures. Perfect for medium and heavy load applications where standard fixings are not sufficient.

can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications in several embedment depths, and it is compatible with standard dispensing guns, features that make it a versatile problem fixing solution. Further benefits comprise low odour as the formula is styrene free, and the fact that it mixes automatically via mixing nozzle for an easy and fast application. Multipurpose resinmaybeusedinhouseholdsinadditionitisalsointendedforprofessionals.

holds two European Technical Approvals, ETA-12/0394 & ETA-12/0528, providing performance data for 15 substrates, including solid and hollow materials such as aerated concrete and different types of blocks and bricks. In addition to the many substrates the multipurpose resin is suitable for, it can be used in reinforced and unreinforced concrete, dry or wet (Category 1).

Furthermore, the bonded anchor is also CE marked, making the product fully compliant with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR) which came into force in its entirety on 1st July 2013 to ensure that all building products offer reliable information regarding their performance.

The two component resin is available is 2 different sizes; 300 ml and 175 ml, and it is approved not only for coaxial cartridge but also for the patented cartridge free system (CFS), where the resin is contained in a foil sleeve, reducing waste material for an environmentally friendly use. easy & clean installation-patented self opening foil system.

Rawlplug’s innovative R&D team has developed a Summer and a Winter version for R-KEM II in order to enhance the functionality of the product for higher or lower temperatures, thus ensuring the most appropriate setting and curing times.

Along with the extensive offer of approved resin products which includes Epoxy and Vinylester formulas, Rawlplug also offers a full range of resin accessories; from application tools to mesh and plastic sleeves for hollow substrates, providing the most comprehensive range of bonded anchor solutions.


•ETA-12/0394 according to ETAG 001-05   Option 7 for non-cracked concrete M8-M30

•ETA-12/0528 according to ETAG 029 for masonry and hollow walls M8-M16

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