EasyFix 2.3.0 – updated version of Rawlplug’s online calculating tool now available

Rawlplug is pleased to announce the update of the EasyFix tool. Available at easyfix.rawlplug.com, version 2.3.0 is free of charge and can be downloaded by Windows PC users.

How does the new EasyFix tool work?

The EasyFix application is a professional tool that is used for calculating the technical parameters needed for Rawlplug fasteners. The latest version of the application includes an updated product database along with the ability to calculate resin consumption. This new feature enables users to calculate the quantity of resin required to support the installation of a Rawlplug fastening mechanism and purchase the appropriate number of product packs.

Continued development of the EasyFix application

Rawlplug plans to continue the development of the EasyFix application. The tool will continue to develop as the database of Rawlplug products grows. Also, as the number of EasyFix users increases, Rawlplug will be working closely with professionals from the construction industry, gauging feedback and feeding it into a product roadmap. Rawlplug’s team of developers are then delivering on this roadmap to ensure that EasyFix continues to add value to construction projects all around the world.

In addition to the new functions outlined above, Rawlplug has also localised the EasyFix tool into Russian, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Alongside the original English and Polish versions, this means that the EasyFix application is now available in six languages.

Find out more about EasyFix and other Rawlplug applications

More information about the EasyFix tool can be found at easyfix.rawlplug.com.

In addition to the EasyFix application, Rawlplug has also published an application for the automatic generation of Declaration of Performance (DOP) documents.

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