Professional software for the calculation of fixing requirements for construction projects

The program and the calculation results it generates are based on European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG), soon to become European Assessment Documents (EAD), which are published by European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA). This input is combined with extensive research and Rawlplug’s experience of developing fixing and anchoring solutions for the construction industry and the result is an industry-leading tool that is used by architects, construction engineers, and builders.

The EasyFix tool helps users to make calculations and design decisions in the early stages of their projects or aids in creating solutions to problems encountered further down the line.

Two versions of the software are available, with the PRO version allowing users to access a greater number of features including:

  • The option to perform calculations of bonded and mechanical anchors mounted in concrete substrate,
  • A wider range of fixture shapes and anchor arragements in the fixture,
  • The option to select correct fixings for various types of masonry,
  • A choice of characteristic or design loads,
  • The option to generate the utilisation preview of a group of anchors,
  • The option to filter results by type of fixing required, type of substrate and anchor diameter.


EasyFix is available free of charge.

  • ce
  • iso 9001
  • ISO 4001
  • isots16949
  • ohsas 18001
  • tuv